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A BSD-based license named "doctorware" has been introduced. Software complied to the license remains free and open-source but includes an item in favour of the doctoring profession.

Having no expirence of how the matters concerning the subject are done abroad (or even on the west of Russia) I feel that in my places doctors are to blame for anything - or at the least are to fix mistakes of the others. Never mind what happens - from sleet till growth of prices - eventually, in the end of the chain, doctors are to deal with the consequences.

One can push the doctor's door open at the dead of night to demand a treatment against running nose. Another interfere with stupid advices. And nearly most popular topic of any conversation is corruption in medecine, murderous doctors, wrong treatment - anything till misamputated limbs.

I just wish my fellow citizens know doctors as normal people: neither angels nurished by holly spirit, nor demonoids with only mischief and sabotage in mind.

You can rely on me in the need of medical aid in either case. But if you don't agree with the doctorware terms, he-he, you can't use my programs!